Please check your presentation date and time on the programme.

Presentation Upload
Please provide your powerpoint presentations to the Tech Desk in the Plenary Room (Glenwood Auditorium) on a USB memory stick during the below times:

Day One Presentations by 09.30 Wed 12th February
Day Two Presentations by 11.00 Thursday 13th February
Day Three Presentations by 11.00 Thursday 14th February

If you have any questions, please see the Registration Desk or visit the Speaker Prep Desk.

File Naming Convention

Please save your presentation file using the below naming convention to better assist the conference AV tech. Please visit the Speaker Prep Technician to get your presentations pre-loaded prior to your session.

Presentation Time (in 24 hour 1355 or 0930)_Presenter name (first_ last)_Session Number_Stream
Example: 1530_Joe_Smith_S2_Strategic

Rooms and AV
Each room features standard audio-visual equipment including a data projector and screen, clicker, presentation laptop, lapel microphone (where necessary) and flipchart with markers. Please note the screen ratios for the rooms:

Glenroy Auditorium: 16:9
Conference Room 1: 16:9
Conference Room 2: 16:9
Chesters Lounge: 16:9
 The Terrace (Meeting Room): 16:9

Apple Mac Users – please bring an HDMI adapter if you want to use your laptop.

Publishing of your Powerpoint and Abstract
We plan to publish content from the conference (in the form of abstracts and powerpoint presentations) to Figshare after the conference. Please contact us if you do not consent to having your powerpoint and / or abstract published.


Key dates:

5  Sep  2019:
Registration opens
16  Sep  2019:
Abstract submission opens
2 Dec  2019:
Abstract submission closes
13  Dec  2019:
Abstract acceptance notifications complete
12  Jan  2020:
Early-bird Registration closes
12 – 14 Feb 2020:
12 Feb 2020:
Welcome reception
13 Feb 2020:
Conference dinner


Laura Furse
Event Services
The University of Auckland
(09) 923 5819